Wings Choregrapher



« Wings Choregrapher » represents the the fragility and multiple experiences of freedom. It reunites our deepest and wildest nature. Lightness is the closest words I found to Freedom.


Blue Vastness

Blue Vastness

She was floating in the blue vastness
With the horizon as her only accepted line to follow
Wondering, how many more despairs and distress
She will have to carry, how many more arrows?

The ocean was giving her this sensation of infinity
She though she had lost forever
When the heart she had her anchor in captivity
Stopped beating and followed the angels feathers

She was realising she's never felt so free
Carried by the lightest elements, magically
Entertwined with the strongest bonds, finally
And continuing dancing in water, gracefully

« The only way to possess a free mind is to understand how the wind holds birds wings in finesse »

« See value in what you can’t count. What else…hmmmmmm and be amazed with the freedom amount you’ll have as income »



Elevate all of yourself in front ot any resistance
Your complete, vast, beautiful self, unfiltered, true
Embrace who you are, from within, your raw essence
Breath in all that is invisible for others but connected to you

Speak your truth and rise above the fear of rejection
This is the only road to freedom and acceptation
You will need to swim your own deep waters with no direction
You will need to face your own inner silence with no distraction

Only a completely free mind allows for being aware and
And it is all rooted within you, as a whole, in peace
As you will leap into consciousness and inner fulfilment
Your thoughts carousel will let the space to an infinite blyss

But, what does the road towards this looks like?
This is a jump into the unknown, the confusional
And it is about the courage to experience a dizzying psych
Before settling in the void, entire, complete, beautiful.

« Don’t chase and hold her as your rope dancer. Rather attract her and be her wings choregrapher »

Blue blazes

Come and sit with me on the edge for a while
With no right or left to choose
Come and sit with me immobile
With no love or hate to lose

Let's dive into the deep blue water
Where blazes have no chance to survive
Let's float where nothing really matters
Where pain and hatred are lost in dusty archives

And let' s run back to the seafront with naked bodies
As we let everything goes with the breeze
As we let our new footprints in the sand, encrusted
Just for while...till they'll be gone again, erased.