Swords & Words



Swords and Words is a serie inspired by our deepest wounds and warrior’s heart. It stands in a magical and timeless sphere, where real Love lies.



Dare a white page to draw your own lines, own contours
Dare to choose the road with no sign, no detour
Let go of all artifices and let them illuminate others ‘sky
Blow your fears to the wind and let them fly

I wish I could tell you tears won’t flow out of your eyes
Dripping on your scraped and burning feet
I wish I could tell you your heart won’t bleed out of all the sacrifices
While many will pray for your defeat

I can promess you it worth the ups and downs
As you will finally start feeling the untouchable
I can promess you it worth any gold or crowns
As you will finally start seeing the invisible.

« Don’t fall in love with
your missing parts in
Fill them first. »



She is wearing her wet eyes tonight
She is beautiful somehow, impenetrable.
She left no doors open, no light on tonight
She is divine somehow, indomitable.

The room is flooded by her presence
And he is trying to imagine how her voice sounds
He doesn't know but he is already burned by her
She doesn't know but he already penetrated her
through her wounds

The second I saw you I understood
We had a million years history
And in this life finally
Both our dimensions meet gracefully.


Life can inflicts you deep and
large scars
Unexpectedly, unfairly,
You will try to cover them and
wish they were invisible
Till you realise they transformed
in an indestructible shield
Part of you, anchored in the new
strong you.

The night we’ll meet eventually
I’ll remove all shields and armours
And exchange my warrior’s heart
With your promess of eternity


I could lose vision of the surface,
And survive
With you as my only compass.

I could have my deck of cards
missing the jack,
And play
With you as my only ace.