See Through




The strength of making illusions disappearing comes from your ability to see through all filters and appearances. This collection enthuses this hidden space few are willing to visit and experience. The road is perilous, with no clear destination, but the experience divine and exquisite.




Dare a white page to draw your own lines, own contours
Dare to choose the road with no sign, no detour
Let go of all artifices and let them illuminate others ‘sky
Blow your fears to the wind and let them fly

I wish I could tell you tears won’t flow out of your eyes
Dripping on your scraped and burning feet
I wish I could tell you your heart won’t bleed out of all the sacrifices
While many will pray for your defeat

I can promess you it worth the ups and downs
As you will finally start feeling the untouchable
I can promess you it worth any gold or crowns
As you will finally start seeing the invisible.

« Would you let me see you through your walls, filters and masks?
Just as you are, free, whole, unique.« 



Let me see through all the walls you built
I want a pure taste of you, undistilled
Do not spare me from any of your guilts
And align all your empty bottles, unfulfilled

Let’s enter a space where words are not needed anymore
Where we can see our souls dancing together
And murmur to each other’s “encore, encore”…
As time stops and finally let a chance to forever

Put my heart under arrest and give me all or nothing
Chain my hands and make of my inside tremble
Whatever chaos, madness or confusion I will be facing
The joy of you seeing me through will be ineffable.


She is wearing her wet eyes tonight
She is beautiful somehow, impenetrable.
She left no doors open, no light on tonight
She is divine somehow, indomitable.

The room is flooded by her presence
And he is trying to imagine how her voice sounds
He doesn’t know but he is already burned by her essence
She doesn't know but he already penetrated her wounds

« You want all of me, fully
But whatever parts of me I will reveal to you
You have to understand
You will only see the sides of me your filters will see through »



I would like to try to describe
This void I felt
More and More
As I blew stronger
On all distractions
As I saw clearer
On all illusions

At first oppressing and flustering
I realised
The only way to fulfill it
Was to erase
All imposed lines
And turn fully
To my selfhood,

« Pure Love has no chance to survive
In the tangled web we weave
To hide our true self and thrive
On lies and intent to deceive«