Dark Angel




How well do we know ourself? According to Jung it involves recognizing the dark aspects of our personality as present and real. This serie is inspired by our shadow self, hidden & mysterious, yet so present and unconsciously expressed. Probably the most turbulent and shaky step to a glimpse of self-knowledge.


Drunk Minds

Drunk Minds

Slow music still continues playing
For the dancing candles lights.
Ice cubes still continue melting
Within the old-fashioned sips of delight.

Drunk minds finally find some freedom
Digging deep in their chaos
Trapped thoughts finally blossom
Laughing out loud at Eros

« Choose (wisely):
Renounce / Show
the ego
to experience
pure / poor
Love »


Don't be afraid of the dark
part of yourself
Where your shadow sparks
fuelled by your immoral bookshelf

Where your addictions juggle
higher and higher with your empty bottles
Where your emotions struggle
in an infinite reason battle

Have the courage to meet
your dark angel
And dare to be complete
with not letting him be a stranger


Keep staring at me
As we enter your dark side
locked with a lost key
well secured by Psykhe

Keep holding me
As we navigate the true you
uncovered with our golden key
pour la vie

« When the deepest thoughts
are coming to the surface
Only the bravest sailors
undo knots to set them free »