Julia O.

In A few words


My artwork represents not only a patchwork of all my life experiences, feelings and inspirations but also my freedom space. I didn’t want to have a defined line when starting to collect all words, poems, paintings, and pictures testifying on my personal and unique journey.

It evolves continuously, unpredictably, and lights up my voyage from the darkest to the brightest spaces. I like the unconsciousness and mystery parts around creativity. Nietzsche was saying that “we needed chaos in our soul to give birth to a dancing star” and it might be this little gateway to our soul that I enjoy taking.

Mostly words and lines and are the medium in between my personal chaos and its representation, they float in my head without rule nor consistency and come together in a mysterious way.

I get inspired by street elements, people’s behavior and history, our society’s nonsense, our planet's beauty. On this journey I had the honour to meet, share and create with amazing individuals and I can’t wait to see what else is to come, with no expectations, only following the flow…